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Ci Song / 宋辞

经常被问起 CINQS 是什么意思,你看下面 / frequently been asked why CINQS:

print french2num(CINQ)
# 5
print num2bin(5)
# 101
print num2roman(101)
# CI

Well, it is now more obvious that

  • Modelling is the first priority you should take seriously.

  • Well, life is short, write C++!

  • Straight Answer first, instead, indirect details come second

  • the most difficult part of RL is to design the components, somehow, the algorithm part is not that important as I used to think of

  • through the work on the rubik's cube applying RL, I found that Q-learning is absolutely the first option you should try when the situation you are dealing with is limited. Q-learning is easy, fast, and reasonable for explanation